The continuing campaign in Congress…

We’ve blogged a lot about how health reform fight moves to the state. But it continues in Congress as well. In particular, California’s two Senators are continuing the fight for rate review.

Senator Feinstein had called on WellPoint/Anthem Blue Cross to drop plans for the rate hike on Californians (one that has been delayed pending an independent investigation for the California Department of Insurance) most recently during a speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate last Friday:

Senator Feinstein also has a scathing essay in the Huffington Post on Anthem Blue Cross’ practices as well.

The Health Insurance Rate Authority Act of 2010, authored by Senator Feinstein and co-sponsored by Senator Boxer, would give the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services the authority to review and reject unfair premium rate increases in states where Insurance Commissioners do not have the authority or capability to do so. This is especially key for states like California, which do not have rate review, and important for the period between now and 2014, before the exchanges are functional and can use their negotiating power.

This bill is something that Senator Feinstein is looking to move, so stay tuned…

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