Thank you to our national partners…

Health Access California has a long and proud tradition as an independent state coalition here in our state, without a national parent. Our policy decisions are made by Californians, for Californians.

But we are pleased to have good, strong connections with national groups that provide useful assistance and resources, including information and linkages with DC-based groups and with other state consumer advocates across the country. During this past health reform effort, these connections were essential in our efforts to integrate the on-the-ground field work with national advocacy.

For example, we were proud to be the lead partner organization in California for the Health Care for America Now! coalition, working with national groups like USAction. We have a long history working with Families USA, co-releasing reports and speaking at their annual DC conference. And we have greatly appreciated the work with Community Catalyst, on both federal health reform, and on projects that we lead in California, the Consumer Voices for Coverage effort and the Hospital Accountability Project. All of these groups are useful resources for us and our partner organizations, and their websites are useful resources for you, too, to find out more about health reform.

We thank these and other national experts, advocates and groups who have helped us in the last two years make a difference in the health reform debate. The Community Catalyst folks sent their own message of appreciation to advocates in the states as well. (I would say it’s NSFW, but you would get the wrong idea.) It’s even more strange when you know these people. So, with affection:

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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