Sebelius to WellPoint: Knock it Off!

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius wasted no time in sharply admonishing the CEO of WellPoint Inc. for the insurers’ practice of dumping breast cancer patients, and refusing to pay for their care.

In a letter sent to CEO Angela Braly, Sebelius reminded the highly compensated executive ($13-plus million last year) that this sort of practice is soon to be outlawed by the new federal health reform law.

“I hope you will consider these women and their families as you work to end this harmful practice,” Sebelius wrote.

Read the release and the letter here. WellPoint and Anthem Blue Cross’ scheme was disclosed in an exclusive report by Murray Haas published by Reuters yesterday. Hundreds of concerned and outraged women have reacted to the report on website comment pages. Wellpoint is the parent company of Anthem Blue Cross of California.

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