By the numbers: 4,000 tweets, 2,000 posts, etc…

The tweet that links to this blog post will be Health Access’ 4000th.

We have taken pride that in our efforts to inform and engage people in health reform, policy, and budget issues, Health Access has supplemented our organizing, coalition building, media outreach, and public education efforts with an aggressive push as an early adopter of social media, from Twitter to blogs to Facebook.

On our Twitter account @HealthAccess, at, we have been posting a regular stream of updates. These 4,000 tweets include retweets of updates from others, links to interesting articles, live reports from committee hearings and regulatory meetings, and commentary on legislative debate. We’ve been doing this since early 2009, and have built up nearly 1,350 followers. If you are getting into Twitter, you might want to check out who we are following for updates about state and federal health policy news, and our lists as well.
Our first post on this Health Access Blog, at, was May 2002, just about 8 years ago, and over 2,000 posts ago.

We started way back when just posting our E-mail Updates, so that they could be read not just by those to which we E-mail. We have produced over 400 such updates since 2002, averaging about 50 a year, providing comprehensive reports on health budget, legislation, and policy. You can sign up to subscribe to our Health Access E-mail Updates on the front page of our website, at

Health Access started a more concerted effort to provide more daily blog reports and commentary in fall of 2006, when there was a new effort to pursue health reform at the state level. That effort under Governor Schwarzenegger got a lot of attention but ultimately fell apart, but it helped set the stage for the national conversation we have just experienced.

Finally, we have a Facebook page, at We’ve been posting photos and video from various health reform and budget events, as well as relevant newspaper clips, including those that feature our work and comments. Join the over 1333 “fans” on Facebook to access this infomation and get more updates, including reposting of our tweets, media clips, and blog posts.

Whether you are reading this post on our Facebook page, or on our blog, we invite you to get the full Health Access experience, and join on on all these platforms… each has its own benefit. In every platform, we strive to make sure you are up-to-date and have the information and tools to work to advance the goal of quality, affordable, health care for all.

We welcome your feedback.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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