While you wait…

Some links of interest to read as we are on pins and needles waiting for a health reform vote

* Health Wonk Review is hosted this week by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Health Reform Galaxy Blog, with a March Madness theme.

* Molly Hennessey-Fiske of the LA Times wrote about medical errors in hospitals earlier in the week.

* I wrote in the New Republic and in Capitol Weekly about the policy implications of the UCLA study showing that the number of uninsured jumped by nearly 2 million, to over 8 million Californians.

* HealthyCal.org is running a series about the Healthy San Francisco program, several years in. Here’s a story of the impact on a 64-year old machinist and singer, an immigrant from Ecuador.

* With all the excitement over health reform, we should not forget the budget cuts here in California, both those proposed and those already made. Here’s an article that explores the elimination of dental benefits.

For those watching TV, we also may be on CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News today, tomorrow, or the next day, in the wake of health reform. Stay tuned…

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