What we won…

* Near-universal coverage for all, largely through group coverage and its purchasing power.
* New consumer protections: New rules and oversight on insurers that include the abolition of underwriting and limits on age-based rates and on premiums dollars going to administration and profit.
* The biggest expansion of Medicaid since its creation 40 years ago, completing a commitment for millions in and near poverty.
* Sliding scale subsidies tied to income: Consumers will pay for coverage not based on how sick they are, but what they can afford.
* The end of most junk insurance and bankruptcies due to medical bills, with a cap on out-of-pocket costs.
* Fair share financing, including an employer assessment as important in concept as the minimum wage was for pay
* Assistance for small business, and their low-wage workers to be able to afford coverage.
* More sustainability and improvements for existing public programs, filling the donut hole in Medicare & simplifying Medicaid.
* The tools for cost containment and quality improvement in health care generally, from prevention to IT to bulk purchasing.
* Momentum to do more in the future, politically and policy-wise, in health care and beyond
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