The *big* impact of budget cuts…

Our colleagues at Western Center on Law and Poverty released a report today providing a disturbing view of the dramatic impacts of the Governor’s budget proposal.

If California does not get enough money from the federal government, the Governor has proposed to “trigger” a range of cuts and eliminations of programs. The proposal would eliminate the Healthy Families program, and cut Medi-Cal eligibility to the federal Medicaid minimum–a place where no state, no matter how conservative or financially strapped, has gone.
The answer is in the report’s title: The Governor’s Proposal to Eviscerate Medi-Cal to the Federal Minimum Would Cut More Than 1.7 Million Poor People From the Medi-Cal Program.

And with the elimination of the Healthy Families program which covers over 900,000 children, and the total who would lose coverage under the Governor’s proposal is 2.7 million Californians. It’s a staggering impact.

And let’s not forget: even with *all* the federal funds the Governor has requested, the Governor’s proposal would cut over 300,000 Californians from coverage.

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