Moving forward on multiple tracks…

As we and others continue to push for health reform at the federal level, Dan Weintraub, now of the New York Times, asks why some California legislators are continuing to also advance a single-payer proposal. But why wouldn’t health reform advocates continue to educate people about this reform?

When President Obama signs a health reform package, while it will be a major advancement, it won’t end the conversation on health reform, at either the state or federal level.

California OneCare is releasing an ad-a-day for 365 days in support of single-payer and SB810. The first ad features is Senator Mark Leno, continuing this year as the author of SB810, having taken the torch from Senate Sheila Kuehl last year. On the night that Jay Leno returns to the venerable talk show, we’re happy to spotlight Senator Mark Leno reiterating his support of the venerable health reform:

We look forward to continuing our efforts, on parallel tracks and multiple ways, to improving the health care system for all Californians.

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