Madame Speaker..

Regardless of what happens tomorrow, you have to give it to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco)… she’s been an absolute champion, and we wouldn’t be anywhere this close to health reform without her leadership.

Two articles, one in Politico, the other in the New York Times, detail just how extensive her role has been, both in bringing health care back into contention, and in driving the best possible bargain for her House members (and not unrelatedly, for consumers, and for California).

Her beginnings are chronicled in the excellent book A Rage for Justice, which chronicles the congressional baron Phil Burton–whose San Francisco district Nancy Pelosi now serves.

I was in awe in 2003 when state Senate President Pro Tem John Burton–Phil’s brother, now the head of the Democratic Party–corralled the votes of his Senate to pass SB2, which started the momentum of the past decade to the current point in the health debate. In his own style, Burton reminded his colleagues about why they were there–as elected officials, as Democrats, as friends and colleagues. Now, on a much bigger stage, its up to Speaker Pelosi to do the same.

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