Just words?

Taking a Gallup survey that asked people about their position on health reform, Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight.com then took those responses to create a word

His full take is worth noting, but it seems some messages come through: “People” “Need” “Insurance” is a clear sentiment that comes through, with the issue of whether people can “Afford” it or whether it is “Affordable” also raised.

Those opposed to health reform focus more on “Government” and “Cost.” Which is ironic, given that this proposal is not especially reliant on government, which is seen more of a regulator, rather than as a provider–the plan doesn’t even include the much-debated public option. And the plan is actually a major cost-saver (according to the CBO), and the most ambitious attempt to date to control health care costs.

I am surprised that words like “security” and “stability,” often used by the president, are not prevalent. In my view, that’s the strongest argument for reform: that people will have basic financial security, so that coverage will be there for them when they need it. That lack of economic security–for the uninsured and insursed–is the most distressing part of our system today.

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