How health reform impacts you…

With all the talk about the history, let’s talk about the help it provides:

IF YOU ARE INSURED, nothing requires you to change it; but it will make your coverage more secure and stable:
* It makes it more likely your employer continues to offer coverage, set minimum standards for such coverage.
* It improves Medicare and expands Medicaid.
* It fixes the “individual market,” giving individuals the bulk purchasing power of large purchasers.
* It provides the foundation to bring down the overall costs of health care

IF YOU ARE UNINSURED OR UNDERINSURED, you will need to get coverage, but there will be new help and new options to ensure coverage is:
* AVAILABLE: No denials or different rates for pre-existing conditions.
* AFFORDABLE: Subsidies/affordability credits for low & mid income families, so we don’t have to pay more than a % of their income.
* ADEQUATE: Minimum benefit standards and a cap on out-of-pocket costs, so no one goes into significant debt or bankruptcy.
* ADMINISTRATIVELY SIMPLE: The Exchange provides choice and convenience, making it easy to sign up for and compare plans.
* ALSO: Other efforts attempt to bring down the cost of coverage.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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