Getting closer…

There’s a lot going on with health reform, and one of the best updates of the moving parts is by Kate Pickert at Time’s Swampland. The Treatment has more, too.

The upshot is we are moving closer to a House vote as early as next week, and Senate votes the week after. The momentum is unmistakable.

One of the ongoing narratives is the opposition to reform of Wellpoint/Anthem Blue Cross. The White House continues to spotlight the company and appropriately rebut its claims. They’v e come a long way since their days as a nonprofit safety-net provider, as public radio’s Sarah Varney explains with the help of our colleague Lori Sobel at Consumers Union. Jon Cohn at The New Republic has a similar take. Instead, Anthem Blue Cross has refined a business model based on collecting premiums from the healthy and avoiding the sick, as I wrote on this blog, that has been picked up by the California Progress Report and the new web portal HealthyCal. All of these stories indicate that this is a natural evolution based on our current laws and regulations which allow such practices, and what we need is a reformed system to remove the incentives for insurers’ bad behavior.

That’s exactly what Congress will be voting on in the next week or two.

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