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This past year’s health reform debate went through major holidays, so it isn’t a surprise that news is made on the secular holiday of Super Sunday.

In an interview with Katie Couric before the Super Bowl, they talked health care:

Politico has the story. The White House will host a meeting on February 25th, televised, with both Democratic and Republican leaders of Congress to discuss their best ideas on health reform. It’s not an attempt to start over, the White House says, but to incorporate the best thoughts a final agreement. It’ll be one more proof that the President has tried to pursue a bipartisan course, only to face solid opposition.

Jon Cohn and Ezra Klein have the early analysis.

Lots of people may have thoughts, but one thing is sure: this kind of high-profile effort isn’t what a President or Congressional leaders do if they are seeking to drop the issue.

Update: Why won’t President Obama walk away from health reform? He cited the increases by Anthem Blue Cross of California in his answer:

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