There’s a lot going on, from the President releasing a new health reform proposa, to the investigations on Anthem Blue Cross, to the state budget, to the action at adminstrative agencies like the Department of Managed Health Care and the Board of Pharmacy.

Here’s a quick snippet of some must-read links:

* The President announced his compromise health plan today. Here’s the link to the plan. More analysis to come.

* Josh Richman at the Contra Costa Times makes a stand-out case for reconciliation to pass health reform, and calls out Tom Campbell for his hypocrisy in opposing the move.

* An LA Times article by Shane Goldmacher about the Governor making last minute appointments to the Board of Pharmacy to help gut drug labeling regulations.

* More on the bad behavior of Anthem Blue Cross of California:
* Duke Helfand at the LA Times on Commissioner Poizner finding over 700 violations by Anthem Blue Cross.
* Lisa Girion at the LA Times reports that Anthem Blue Cross of California has provided more than $4.2 billion in profit to its parent, Wellpoint.

More commentary to come…

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