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Trying to stay informed on the progress of health care reform can be a tricky. Even a consumer of mainstream media must be saavy enough to figure out which talking heads or commentators are biased — and then figure out how to block that bias.

When it comes to getting the news about an event as important as this week’s bi-partisan health care summit at Blair House, you might be better off simply watching the whole unfiltered meeting on C-SPAN yourself:

That’s the only way to really obtain a true picture of what transpired. And if you want, you can declare the winners and losers yourself — if that’s your game.

But if you’re lacking the time to view a replay of the summit, and want a straight-forward analysis of what actually transpired — beyond the talking points of each caucus and the obvious props of the Republicans –here’s a good place to go: Paul Krugman’s column in the New York Times.

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