Anthem Blue Cross seizes the political moment

It’s not like Captain Renault is going to burst into Anthem Blue Cross’ boardroom and announce he’s “shocked!…shocked!” to see more consumer-gouging taking place.

We doubt that anyone is surprised to see Anthem Blue Cross seizing the day and aggressively hiking fees in California — again — for individual policy holders.

Never mind that containing costs of health coverage has been a major part of the national conversation for a year now. What matters to Anthem’s parent corporation, Wellpoint, located in Indiana, is that the conversation is now down to a hushed whisper, thanks to the Party of No in Washington D.C.

And when it comes to reading political tea leaves, “no” means “yes” to Anthem Blue Cross, which for the second year in a row is increasing premiums by 30 to 39 percent. For Century City podiatrist Mark Weiss, 63, that means his and his wife’s annual health insurance bill rises from $20, 184 to $27,336. Wow.

Weiss, who has been a member of Blue Cross for 30 years now, thinks “it’s just unconscionable.” So do a whole lot of other people — who need to continue speaking up about it.

Read all about it in an article by Duke Hefland in the Los Angeles Times. Also, go to to register your opinions and tell your story about being price-gouged by Anthem Blue Cross.

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