Not going down without a fight…

California health reform advocates have seen health reform proposals die, whether by a veto or a vote. This just doesn’t seem to be one of those times.

Some breathlessly predicted health reform’s collapse, but the next day the very same Politico reported that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are negotiating the obvious path forward: The House passes the Senate bill, with the agreement to make the appropriate changes through the budget process–which take 51, rather than 60, votes in the Senate.

The only other path, short of complete abdication, is a drastically scaled back, unrecognizable proposal that would reopen all sorts of difficult conversations, and may provide some help to specific folks but no one would call it close to health reform.

This week, many of us will be in Washington, DC, and may have additional insights into what is going on. As always, we’ll have reports on health reform and the California budget, from DC and Sacramento.

Given the circumstances, our posts recently have focused on the politics, rather than policy. If you are loking for your health policy fix, here’s a link to the latest Health Wonk Review, hosted this week by the Disease Management Care Blog.

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