Annual Treatments of Health Reform…

Back in DC, legislative leaders from both the House and Senate have been in long negotiations at the White House for over five hours. There’s a rumor that President Obama has urged them to stay in until the framework of a bicameral health reform deal is agreed to.

If we had our druthers, the House would prevail in most of the differences. I participated with a panel of experts, convened by Jonathan Cohn of The New Republic, that came up with the same result. Cohn has also been busy explaining the negotiation to “Fresh Air” public radio listeners.

Fingers crossed on our Congressional leaders coming to a good and equitable resolution. Many of my thoughts on federal health reform have found a forum on Cohn’s blog at The New Republic, called The Treatment. I have appreciated having the platform on national health policy issues (and the editing), and have now posted there 20 times in the past year. Here are the posts, many of which are still very relevant to the current debate:

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