A shocking and severe budget…

Governor Schwarzenegger released his proposed 2010-11 budget today, which includes severe cuts and no new revenues.

As part of the cuts, the Governor proposes a $2.9 billion cut in health and human services (including $1.1 billion in Medi-Cal), and an additional $3.5 billion cut in health and human services if California does not get a major infusion of federal funds.

The Governor proposes shocking cuts eliminating coverage and care for millions of Californians, which will have dramatic impacts on not just these families but on the health system on which we all rely. Even *with* a massive infusion of federal funds, the Governor would still propose to eliminate coverage to hundreds of thousands of Californians, including children.

These devastating cuts would further unravel the health care system that we all rely on, where we have already seen services scaled back and full clinics close. Health Access recently released an assessment of the health cuts in the 2009-10 budget, six months in.

This is an anti-jobs budget that not just harms California families and our healthcare system, but our economic recovery. The most effective way to create jobs is invest in Californians, and in their health and in services to help all of us get through a tough time. This proposal completely undermines our economic recovery efforts.

The economic impacts of these health and human service cuts would be multipled because we would not just lose jobs but billions in federal matching funds.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.

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