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There’s lots of reporting about what the “deal” is in the Senate around the public health insurance option. But while there are lots of reports about what is in it, and reactions to it, the details matter–a lot. We’ll be posting on Twitter any good information or analysis we see…

Speaking of Twitter, if you aren’t on it, you should be! For why and how, read this piece in the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network’s online newsletter, which I co-wrote with the prodigious Rachel Larson of CPEHN. It answers such burning questions as:
* Why Tweet?
* What Is Twitter?
* How Do I Get Started?
* How Do I Find People to Follow?
* How Do I Get People to Follow Me?
* What Are All of the Symbols I See in Other People’s Tweets?
* How Do I Keep Up with Twitter?

This technology enhances in-person communications, but doesn’t replace it. We are happy to be having our holiday party at Max’s in Oakland this evening with our colleagues at CPEHN and elsewhere. But if we don’t see you there, we look forward to tweeting with you!

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