Quick report from the Senate floor…

Over the weekend and today, CA Senators Boxer and Feinstein voted with the majority when amendments came up for a vote:
* for a Stabenow amendment to assure that Medicare Advantage plans continue to include core Medicare benefits;
* for a Kerry amendment on home care;
* against Johanns amendment to send the bill back to committee;
* for a Lincoln amendment to limit tax break for insurance CEO compensation;
* against an Ensign amendment to limit the lawyer fees of medical malpractice victims;
* for a Pryor amendment to survey patients in the exchange about their satisfaction; and
* against a Gregg amendment to prohibit program expansions funded by Medicare savings.

Only the Kerry and Pryor amendments got the needed 60 votes for passage; the rest failed.

Debates are continuing as we speak, including on an amendment by Senator Ben Nelson to include the anti-abortion language similar to the Stupak amendment in the House bill. The debate continues…

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