Our Senators on the floor…

The U.S. Senate is in full debate on health reform, and they started voting on some amendments in the last few days, despite various efforts by the GOP opposition to slow the debate down even more.

I’ve been in DC this week, and so have not been posting as much. Despite all the negotiations about amendments, you do get a sense that we are nearing a major advance. Beyond my Hill visits, my hope is to go see a little of the Senate floor debate in person, to say I saw a piece of history.

California’s two Senators are actively participating in the floor debate as well. Here’s some clips to give you a sense of what they are saying. Here is Senator Barbara Boxer, on women’s health issues, from just a few days ago:

Here’s a longer clip from Senator Feinstein from about a month ago, about the history of health insurance in this country:

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