Help us fulfill the promise in 2010…

If you read this blog, you know the remarkable moment we are in, both in terms of the challenges and opportunities. We have much we can win, and much we can lose… and that’s why we need your help.

We are on the cusp of history. Congress is poised to pass landmark legislation to provide more security and stability for those who have health coverage, and to dramatically extend access to affordable, comprehensive health care for those who don’t. It would prohibit insurers from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, or placing arbitrary caps on coverage.

But there is so much more to do to fulfill the promise of reform in 2010. Health Access needs your help to make the promise a reality.

Health Access will continue to lead efforts in California—including the Health Care for America Now campaign in our state—to pass health reform, and the right reform. Across the state and in Washington, DC, Health Access provides information and analysis to elected leaders to help them understand the impact and implications of the reforms they are working on. We are continuing organizing and advocacy efforts to include the strongest possible provisions on everything from affordability to consumer protections. If you read this blog, you know we also educate the public about what these changes will mean for them individually, and why comprehensive reform is so important California and the nation. Hopefully, you’ve looked at our materials, and hopefully they have been helpful to you.

We need your help not just to help pass reform, but to do the all-important work afterwards. We will have major opportunities to implement and improve health reform to make sure it works well here in California–from putting in place the right regulations to protect patients from insurance company abuses, to pursuing a public health insurance option for California.

But with these opportunities come significant challenges. Under California’s budget deficit, Governor Schwarzenegger threatens to undermine our progress by proposing massive cuts to existing programs like Medi-Cal and Healthy Families. Health Access has been on the front lines of the fight to prevent these ugly cuts to the safety net and the health system on which we all rely; to offer alternatives to cuts; making sure that the real cost and impacts of these cuts are understood, and working with grassroots groups to make sure the voice of their constituents are heard.

Your year-end gift to Health Access Foundation will help us finish the work of passing the best possible health reform at the national level; start the work of fulfilling the promise of reform here in California; and guarding against significant setbacks of budget cuts that threaten to cripple our health system, our families, and our economy.

Gifts to the Health Access Foundation are tax-deductible, so please consider us for your year-end giving by December 31st, 2009.

We would greatly appreciate your contribution. Have a happy and healthy holiday season. Thank you for your consideration.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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