Join the Frisco brigade for children’s health care…

One of the activist events rippling across the country is coming to San Francisco on Sunday — and Champions for Children’s Health is calling on people to participate to send a strong message to Congressional leaders that, when all is said and done in Washington, children should have equitable, accessible, affordable health care.

The event is the Champions for Children’s Health Stroller Brigade, and participants will be pushing strollers en masse to demonstrate the need for kids’ coverage. Supporters without strollers are welcome, too.
Folks should gather at San Francisco City Hall at 2 p.m. Sunday, November 8, to join in the brigade, which the Children’s Defense Fund is organizing to send a strong message to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Barbara Boxer and Senator Diane Feinstein.
The message? Children need their leadership to ensure they are better off after health care reform is done.
Here’s the Children’s Defense Fund California website for details and more information on who, what, when, where, how, and why.
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