Giving thanks for a great team…

In a season of giving thanks, there’s a lot of people for Health Access to appreciate. Great health care advocates across the state. Committed board members and activists. Key coalition partners and allies. Funders and contributors that are allow us to keep the lights on. Reporters that make sure Californians are informed. Elected leaders that do the right thing.

Let me personally give thanks to the heart of the organization, the staff of Health Access, which is smaller than most people think, given the organization’s visibility, work output, and track record. But that’s a testament to the team’s commitment, professionalism, savvy, and diversity in experience.

So much thanks to Elizabeth Abbott, who after a distinguished career in government agencies provides valued oversight over such agencies; Jakki Carillo, who has stayed on part-time after a summer internship showed great promise; Cynthia Craft who uses her years of journalism to ask good questions and get our message out; Nancy Gomez, who brings commitment and creativity to coalition organizing through Los Angeles and beyond; Linda Leu, who brought the energy of the Obama campaign to the through Northern California and the Central Valley

Bruce Occena, who VMI Project Director

Mike Odeh, who It’s Our Healthcare Project Coordinator

Rick Pavich, who makes the trains run on time, Director of Operations and Development

Nellie PriceLegislative and Policy Assistant

Patrick RomanoState Field DirectorHealth Care for America Now – California

Jessica RothhaarProgram Director, State-Level Advocacy and OrganizingHealth IOU Project Manager

Angela WoodsOrganizer, Southern California

Nancy MortonFinance Manager
Beth Capell who is a warrior for California consumers in

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