From a Central Valley Congressman to another…

Today, with Senate debate on health care reform gearing up for action, former Congressman Richard Lehman, of the Central Valley town of Sanger, had words of support for his House successors, U.S. Rep Dennis Cardoza and U.S. Rep Jim Costa.

Lehman penned an opinion piece published in the Fresno Bee, voicing his appreciation of the votes in favor of health care reform that Cardoza and Costa cast in the House:

“One can demonstrate true leadership and advocate for your district, as Costa and Cardoza have done, and try to address the difficult challenges facing us. Costa and Cardoza have demonstrated once again their choice to take the political hard road and advocate for one of the poorest regions of the country and try to improve our health care system.”

Representatives Costa and Cardoza were the subject of major efforts to urge them to support health reform, as among the last to commit to vote for the reform. They did vote for the bill, and there were lots of reasons for them to do so. Health reform will be a major assist to the Central Valley, which needs the help.

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