Fresno County workers see coverage hikes…

In yet another sign that affordability needs to be front-and-center in health care reform, the Fresno Bee has a story titled “Valley Workers feel pain of costlier coverage.”

Not too many years ago, Fresno County workers received their medical coverage for free as a benefit for working for the county. Now, the Bee says, these county workers will likely dig deeper into their slim pockets for another 9% to 19% to cover the costlier premiums.

Workers across California are expected to see coverage increases this open-enrollment season. It makes you wonder how the state’s economy is ever supposed to recover when people have less and less money in their paychecks to cover the basics.

It’s the proverbial vicious cycle: Businesses are selling fewer goods and services because consumers have less money to spend. Premium hikes from our ever-more-expensive current health care system come along, and consumers have even less to spend. Businesses suffer even greater losses and…well, you get the picture.

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