The Oracle speaks on the Baucus bill…

Yesterday, it was amusing to see colleagues in person, and on Twitter and blogs, in a anxious waiting game. For Senator Max Baucus and others, it probably was like a colleage applicant getting SAT scores.

In the aftenoon, The Congressional Budget Office put out their analysis of the newest Senate Finance Committee version of health reform, including the many amendments that were made over the last two weeks.

There was good summaries and reactions by good commentators, bloggers, and others. The score was that it is paid for and actually reduces the deficit over 10 years; that it expands coverage but does not get everybody covered, not providing the assistance needed to be fully universal.

The Senate Finance bill is slated to be voted upon next Tuesday. When that happens, all five committees of jurisdiction will have passed a major health reform bill, all with similar frameworks, even if the details–which are important–are different. There are already negotiations about a merger with a more-consumer friendly Senate Health Committee bill. A combined bill is likely to start being debated on the floor of the Senate the week after that.

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