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Here’s a quick overview of the bills supported by Health Access California, and whether they signed and vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger yesterday…

Insurance Oversight & Market Reforms

AB 119 (Jones): GENDER RATING: Would prohibit insurers from charging different premium rates based on gender. SIGNED

AB 2 (De La Torre): INDEPENDENT REVIEW OF RESCISSIONS: Would create an independent review process when an insurer wishes to rescind a consumer’s health policy, create new standards and requirements for medical underwriting, and requires state review before plan approval. Also raises the standard in existing law so that coverage can only be rescinded if a consumer willfully misrepresents his health history. VETOED

AB 730 (De La Torre): POSTCLAIMS UNDERWRITING: Would impose fines on insurers unlawfully engaging in post-claims medical underwriting. VETOED

AB 108 (Hayashi): RESCISSION TIME LIMIT: Would impose a 24-month time limit in which insurers have to rescind, cancel, or limit individual health care policies or charge higher premiums because of fraud once a consumer’s application is approved. SIGNED

Insurance Benefit Mandates

AB 98 (De La Torre): MATERNITY COVERAGE: Would require most health plans to cover maternity services. VETOED

AB 244 (Beall): MENTAL HEALTH PARITY: Would require most health plans to provide coverage for all diagnosable mental illnesses. VETOED

Medi-Cal Reimbursement, Eligibility & Retention

AB 1383 (Jones): HOSPITAL COVERAGE DIVIDEND FEE: Would, per federal approval, impose a coverage dividend fee on hospitals for the purpose of drawing down federal funds for increased reimbursement and children’s coverage expansion. SIGNED

AB 1142 (Price): PROOF OF ELIGIBILITY: Would require hospitals, as soon as they have proof of a person’s Medi-Cal eligibility, to provide all information regarding that person’s Medi-Cal eligibility to all other providers. SIGNED

AB 1269 (Brownley): DISABLED WORKERS: Would allow, to the extent that federal financial participation is available, workers with disabilities who are otherwise eligible for Medi-Cal but are temporarily unemployed to elect to remain on Medi-Cal for a period up to 26 weeks. SIGNED

Provider Oversight

AB 171 (Jones) CONSUMER PROTECTIONS: Would prohibit dentists’ offices from offering high-interest loans to patients while they are under the influence of anesthesia. Would also prohibit dental offices from charging lines of credit before services have been rendered. SIGNED

Requires public notice of hospital closure or reduction/elimination of emergency medical services. VETOED

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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