It’s time to deliver…

Today was a major day of action for health reform, with well over 100,000 calls made to Congress, and events around the country. This included several cities in California, from an overnight vigil in front of the federal building in Sacramento, to a “Rolling Caravan for Health Care Reform” in Los Angeles. Below, pictured with HCAN organizers Mari Lopez of the California Partnership and Nancy Gomez of Health Access California, is the flatbed truck that circulated through LA with over 150+ people at various stops, with the theme “The Clock is Ticking.” Other events were all over the place, from San Diego to Modesto.

There’s also been some good research and posts of note. The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research put out a fact sheet on the many Californians that would potentially benefit and get coverage due to health reform.

Henry Stern at InsureBlog has the new edition of Health Wonk Review, which is chock full of interesting health policy posts.

Jon Cohn at The New Republic’s The Treatment has the new “Truman Score” for the Senate HELP health reform bill, which is appropriated judged as better than the Senate Finance bill which has gotten much of the recent attention, and which it needs to be combined with.

Another fellow “judge” on the Truman panel with myself is erstwhile Californian and health policy consultant Peter Harbage, who has an important post on the need to not just make coverage affordable and accessible, but administratively simply, if not automatic. He’s right: the recent conversation on penalties from the individual mandate is missing the point: after all, people overwhelmingly want coverage. (Even with auto insurance, the coverage required is for the person you may run into, not yourself.) The key is removing the barriers for people to get coverage in the first place.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.

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