It’s been dizzying to follow all the developments on federal health reform. We’ll certainly comment on key issues and moments, and certainly on things with a California spin.

We don’t have the bandwidth to do the blow-by-blow here, but several other people are doing it very well, especially on the blogs. Tim Noah at the online magazine Slate has been compiling an exceptional list of health reform websites, blogs, and resources. Here are some that he compiled that have been especially useful in tracking these changes and developments:

The Treatment. (The New Republic’s health blog by Jonathan Cohn).
Ezra Klein. (With the Washington Post)
The New Health Dialogue Blog.
Karen Tumulty. (Time’s Swampland)
Timothy Noah. (Slate)
Daily Dose. (Washington Post)
Politico Health Care Page.
Kaiser Health News.
New York Times Prescriptions.
Wall Street Journal Health Blog

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