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The Senate Finance Committee is starting its public deliberations on health reform today. If you don’t have C-SPAN, you can follow some of the action on Twitter, by journalists and bloggers like @jcohntnr, @ktumulty, @NewHealthDialog and @wonkroom.

We at Health Access (@healthaccess) are following it as well, and will RT (re-tweet) posts from these and other observers, as well as add our own observations. Follow us at @healthaccess!

Our @HealthAccess Twitter feed got attention in this humorous snippet from Kevin Yamamura’s Sacramento Bee article on Governor Schwarzenegger’s Twitter fixation:

Schwarzenegger also uses video to display a mischievous side. One in particular landed on national news networks – a 27-second spot of Schwarzenegger waving a giant knife in July before telling followers that they gave him great ideas.

The governor intended for the clip to be humorous, as if the camera caught him in the middle of his everyday big-knife-waving routine.

Of course, critics also use Twitter. Social-services advocates took offense as the video came during tense budget talks in which Schwarzenegger sought deep cuts.

Health Access, which represents low-income Californians, wrote: The video adds insult to injury, literally.

Days later, Schwarzenegger told reporters, “You’ve got to have a little sense of humor. That’s me. You sent a governor to Sacramento, not El Stiffo.”

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