Seeing what the candidates do…

In all the talk about where the voters are on health reform, one indicator is to look at where politicians running for office are.

Today is election day for a contested race to fill the seat of moderate Democrat Ellen Tauscher, who left to work as high-level State Department official.

As I write this, polls are still open and the results are unknown, but one winner was the cause of health reform. As the New York Times observes from a distance, it is the central issue of the campaign, as the Democrats scramble to take the lead on the issue.

For the Democratic members of Congress–even the moderate and conservative Democrats–it is unlikely that the screamers at these town halls are voting for them.

As the candidates in today’s Congressional contest are suggesting, if you are appealing to the broad range of voters, you need to be on the side of health reform. There have been times when politicians have embraced health issues, and times when they have run. The campaign is a small indicator in just one district, but it’s a hint that health reform will happen.

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