New hope for hospital funds?

At this moment the California Legislature is still in session: one of the bills they are waiting to pass is AB1383 by Assemblymember Dave Jones, which would bring in $2 billion to California’s health care system including $320 million for children’s coverage.

The log jam we wrote about earlier today has been broken: they are waiting for amendments that would adjust the bill so it does not violate the federal requirements for hospital provider fees. We can only hope that the agreement that was reached this evening did not come too late to be enacted in what are literally the last hours of the legislative session for this year.

LATEST UPDATES at @healthaccess With other 2/3 bills, AB1383(Jones) to draw down new fed $ for HC fails in Sen as an urgency measure due to lack of R votes. Being sent back to Senate Rules Com. (2:30am))

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