Momemtum for health reform…

Earlier this week, the day before the President’s speech, I was at the Momentum Conference of the Tides Foundation, a TED-like gathering of leaders on a range of issues.

Health reform was in the air, and the subject of a (8am!) panel on the subject, moderated by Tom David from Tides, and with Crystal Hayling, President & CEO, Blue Shield of California Foundation, and coming from DC, Roger Hickey, Founder & Co-Director, Campaign for America’s Future.

The full video of the panel (and other presentations from the conference) is now uploaded at

Here’s a snippet as I try to describe to clearly describe health reform, especially to an audience interested in reform, but not necessarily following the details:

The whole panel is worth checking out.

A day later, Joe Garafoli at the San Francisco Chronicle watched the President’s speech at the conference, and blogged about the crowd’s response…

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