Will health reform get the Colbert bump?

The Colbert Report last night featured an interview with Jonathan Cohn of The New Republic (who edits the blog The Treatment where I contribute occasionally) making the case for health reform against the host, who in his wacky way was actually was more reasonable than the current opposition arguments.

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Cohn makes the important case for reform, and refutes one of the worst myths out there, that somehow everybody already has access to healthcare. He points out that access to the emergency room isn’t the same: in the best case scenario, we want people to have access to care so they don’t need to go to the ER later.

But he points out not just the health but financial consequence of being uninsured: when you go to the emergency room, you get a bill. If anything he understates it, since that bill is likely to be 3-4 times what an insurer pays for exactly the same service.

This points out the reason for the Hospital Fair Pricing Act and the new www.HospitalBillHelp.Org website that we unveiled today, which informs people of their consumer rights and financial options.

But given that those options are often limited and inadequate, it also spells out the desperate need for health reform.

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