We’re having a federal health reform debate, which the President will not abdicate…

It’s the August Recess edition of Health Wonk Review, Jaan Sidorov of the Disease Management Care Blog hosts the biweekly review of the best health policy commentary in the blogosphere.

The discussion of how Medicaid might change under health reform is highlighted, and that includes our annotation of Governor Schwarzenegger’s health reform letter. There’s other posts about health reform in general, and other health policy issues of interest.

It also include limericks by Madeleine Begun Kane at Mad Kane’s Political Madness, recent ones that highlighted health reform:

Waterloo Lies
The GOP’s spreading big lies
To ensure that our health reform dies:
“The bill will kill gran —
Shorten seniors’ life span.”
Their goal? Cut Barack down to size.

Tantrum Politics
If reform can’t be fought using facts,
Simply give civil discourse the ax.
Block discussion with mobs
Packed with morons like Dobbs.
That’s the path of Republican hacks.

If you want a quick overview of where we are in California on health and health policy, check out my op-ed in the Capitol Weekly today.

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