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Whether it’s been the policy debates on the web, or the less-than-civil discourse at some of the town hall meetings held by Congressmen, Health Access has been following, and reporting, on the health reform debate on Twitter, at @healthaccess, or

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Here’s a few selected tweets and links from the last few days of activity. For the uninitiated, all tweets must be less than 140 characters, so abbreviations are a must. Some other codes: #healthreform is a “hashtag” that allows the “tweet” to be easily searchable. RT means “re-tweet,” meaning we are repeating what another Twitter user (which all start with an @) is saying and passing it along, sometimes with a comment.

Again, a few @healthaccess tweets from the last few days:

* Reports from LA town hall suggest crowd approaching 2000, both #healthreform supporters and opponents (60-40 supporters, our guess)about 3 hours ago

* RT @HCAN Dan Heck on what you can do: Email letters to the editor (better than handwriting). Get to town halls early and ask good questions.about 3 hours ago

* RT @anamariecox What I’m reading: GOP Senator: Palin’s ‘Death Panel’ Charge is ‘Nuts’: Sen. Isakson (R-GA) interview 3 hours ago

* RT @HCAN Another small thing you can do (tomorrow): Call your Senators and Representative:…about 3 hours ago

* RT @HCAN Something you can do: Go to http://www.healthcareforame… and find events to attend in your area.about 3 hours ago

* Why you can’t downscale reform… RT @ezraklein “You want simple?” asks Timothy Noah. “Enact single-payer.” 4 hours ago

* HA organizer Nancy Gomez on scene: Chants at LA #healthreform townhall: “Health Care NOW! vs. “Health Care No!”about 4 hours ago

* RT @CABudgetProject Two Key Meetings on Healthy Families Program Set for Thursday #cabudgetabout 4 hours ago

* Health Access will speak at #tidesmomentum – can we dare Colbert to come to CA? – watch the video, sign the petition..about 9 hours ago

* RT @NewHealthDialog Obama: this is closest weve come to #healthreform. We cant let scare tactics stop us, bc whats truly scary is status quoabout 10 hours ago

* RT @markknoller Obama says we have a system that works better for the health insurance industry than for the people .about 10 hours ago

* RT @tpmmedia Mandate:Too bad we didn’t just have a natl election where voters got to decide btwn health reform options. 13 hours ago

* After August, the urgency of #healthreform will remain: we’ll still have 47mill uninsured, rising HC costs, closing ERs, and insurer abuses.8:59 PM Aug 10th

* RT @RAMLosAngeles Tho RAMLA strts tmrow, people showed up today 4 medical, dental, vision, HIV Testing, prostate cancer, mammograms, glasses6:36 PM Aug 10th

* RT @cruickshank Monterey Rep. Sam Farr town hall audience mostly older and white – and supporting reform. PM Aug 10th

* RT @CapitolAlert Steinberg’s lawyers filed suit vs. @Schwarzenegger in SF Superior Court today. Read it here: PM Aug 10th

* RT @bobbycalvan The uninsured and “junk” insurance an increasing concern. PM Aug 10th

* RT @KQEDhealth With the elimination of community clinic grants, California clinics have lost 1/3 of their revenue. KXJZ Radio11:52 AM Aug 10th

* RT @HowardKurtz Mark Halperin on town halls: A horrible breakdown if…our media culture allows people..w intent to disrupt to become story11:55 AM Aug 9th

* Our #healthreform canvasses mentioned in The Nation: HCAN Turns Up the Heat.…6:23 PM Aug 7th

* HCAN & OFA will canvass Saturday throughout CA in support of #healthreform & HR3200, in SF, Stockton, San Pedro, S. Pasadena & Fresno6:19 PM Aug 7th

* RT @CASenateDems Here is Sen Steinberg’s press conf. announcing his lawsuit to stop illegal line item veto’s. #cabudget5:08 PM Aug 7th

* RT @CapitolAlert Steinberg: litigation is imprtt path in case cuts can’t be restored legislatively. Open to talk to admin about other opts2:04 PM Aug 7th

* Those cut, by def, mostly didnt have $ for lawsuit: community clinics, uninsured kids, battered women’s shelters, AIDS service providers1:58 PM Aug 7th

* RT @totalcapitol “Steinberg said he will use his campaign funds to pay for lawsuit, which will be filed in San Francisco Superior Court.”1:55 PM Aug 7th

* RT @CABudgetProject The Veto Debate (RT @KQED_CapNotes: Ross makes good pt, Guv’s vetoes are only 3% of overall cuts)1:55 PM Aug 7th

* Amen! RT @KHNews New op-ed from Jonathan Cohn: Reform is Still Worth Fighting For AM Aug 6th

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