Leg Counsel says Gov’s cuts are illegal

KQED’s John Myers, back from his own furlough, has the overview of the debate about whether the Governor’s line-item budget cuts, largely to health and human services, are even legal:

It’s worth reading in full. The big headline is that the legislative counsel says the cuts are illegal.

As the Sacramento Bee’s Kevin Yamamura, quoting Assemblyman John A. Perez, it’s up to those impacted to file suit against the cuts. But the cruel irony is that the legal and financial burden to file suit is on the very underfunded, struggling families and service providers–community clinics, battered women’s shelters, low-income families with uninsured children, maternal and child health providers–they are so negatively impacted by the Governor’s draconian cuts.

The Governor should not add insult to injury with regard to these immoral and illegal cuts. The Governor should not wait for a lawsuit… With this decision, he should agree to withdraw the cuts unilaterally, just as he made them.

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