Is bigger better?

California Congressman Henry Waxman makes the case for health reform to Jon Stewart at the Daily Show.

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Jon Stewart seems concerned that the bill is 1,000+ pages long.

But first of all, bills in Congress use bigger font and have super-big margins, more than most of the children’s book I read my 2-year old.

But more specifically, health care is complicated! Or more relevantly, the current status quo is complicated. The bill has to recognize that people currently get health coverage in lots of different ways: from employers, many different government programs, and buying it on their own. You want to provide safeguards to prevent unintended consequences.

Even the single-payer bill in California, SB810(Leno), which is promoted in part for the simplicity of the concept, is many pages, and would probably need more to fully spell out the transition from the current complicated, confusing, fragmented system. Even if the solution is simple, the path to the solution is not.

H.R. 3200 work to make people secure in the coverage they have–however they have it, throught employers, government programs, or the individual or small group markets–while also providing new choices and guarantees.

An iPod is complicated inside, even though the user’s experience is simply. No one should be concerned about the length of the bill, but how the patient experiences his or her health care afterwards. And H.R. 3200 would improve that experience by securing and expanding coverage, and working to bring down the costs and financial risk to families.

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