Health reform isn’t rocket science…

Reformers typically must wage battle on two front: one against the opponents who argue the facts, and those who do so with confusion, lies, and mistruths. Defenders of the status quo don’t have an easier job: they don’t necessarily have to make a cogent argument against reform, or for an alternative. They merely have to sow enough confusion, distrust and doubt to get people to fear the unknown.

Health reform can be legitimately complicated, and so it is particularly vulnerable to this kind of attack. But health reform doesn’t have to be complicated. Like an iPod, it can be complicated on the inside, but reasonable easy to understand for the regular user.

So here’s some resources that show it’s easy.

Alex MacGillis of the Washington Post has a handy health care sheet that explains the bill.

Nick Beaudrot of Donkeylicious has a flowchart that shows how easy it really is for families to figure out how it impacts them, in three easy steps.

And on the sillier side…

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