Get well soon, Rick!

Today, the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research put out its biannual report compiling data from the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), the most comprehensive look at health coverage and issues in our state. It’s a seminal source of information for health policymakers and advocates, and we’ll have a lot to say and post about its findings–especially about the new and disturbing information about medical debt–in the next few days and months.

But we should take a moment to send not just our congratulations but our good wishes to E. Richard Brown, UCLA Professor in the School of Public Health, the Director of the Center for Health Policy Research, and the Principal Investigator for CHIS. Beyond being one of California’s foremost academic experts on health policy, he’s been a good resource, friend, and colleague of Health Access over many years.

On August 10th, Rick had the unfortunate opportunity to experience the health care system first hand when a brain aneurysm ruptured. The good news is that we have heard he has just recently been transferred out of the ICU to a regular hospital bed at UCLA.

We wish him the best for a safe and speedy recovery, and our thoughts are with him. He’s an important and valued member in the health policy and advocacy communities, and we look forward to working with him soon!

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