All awful choices at MRMIB…

Even with the legislature back in session, budget-related action this week will be at the Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board this Thursday, and for the next couple of Thursdays.

This small board (pictured in this somewhat outdated photo), which directs a relatively small staff, has the privilege (or burden) of running three health care programs–all of which are closing their doors to new enrollment.

The cuts have been made by the Governor and the Legislature. For AIM for pregnant mothers, MRMIP for those denied by private insurers for “pre-existing conditions,” or Healthy Families for low-income children, the question is now *how* these are made. It involves some ugly choices. In order to save some money to keep some more kids covered, do they cut benefits for all remaining children? Do they terminate coverage for some kids immediately, or wait–with the risk they will have to kick off more kids as a result?

For the biggest of the programs, Healthy Families, they should hold off and see if the last month of the legislative session yields some assistance that might prevent some more children from being kicked off coverage. The calvary needs to come.

We’ll twitter from the MRMIB meeting any news at @healthaccess, or and also blog here later in the day to keep you up-to-date.

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