This week in health reform…

The federal health reform debate continues full steam ahead.

The Kaiser Family Foundation has a useful chart of the three leadership measures, the one “discussion draft” proposal in the House of Representatives, and the two others–which are in various forms of public release–in the Senate.

There are other proposals, both big and small floating around Capitol Hill(from single-payer and the Wyden-Bennett bills, to specific legislation on specific issues), but they will largely serve as ideas that will influence the three leadership bills are the main vehicles being authored by the key committees that have jurisdiction.

Due to the pace of Congressional discussions, the attached chart does not capture some of the more recent revisions we’ve heard about. For instance, just yesterday, the Senate HELP Committee released more details of their bill, including a public plan option and an employer mandate for employers with more than 25 employees, which has been scored at $611.4 billion (not including Medicaid) and is stated to cover over 97 percent of Americans. And Senate Finance Committee members continue to work on the cost of their bill, in part by tinkering with the level of subsidies.

We’ll have more analysis–much more–in the next few days.

The picture above is of Representative Xavier Becerra, a key member of the leadership of the House of Representatives, who appeared at a packed Health Care for America Now town hall this Monday. He is pictured with leaders from California Partnership, Children’s Defense Fund – California, and Health Access California.

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.
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