The myth of the generous safety-net…

My colleague Mike Herald of Western Center on Law and Poverty and I appear in this ABC local news segment on the budget crisis, and the changing of our safety net.

I most object to the comment of the so-called taxpayer advocate, who apparently doesn’t want a good value for his (or my) taxes. He seems to think California’s safety-net was generous. It certainly has never been at the same place at New York or other major states.

And in health care, let’s remember that before this crisis, California was 51st in the nation in per patient Medi-Cal spending. That’s before the crisis, before we eliminated dental and other Medi-Cal benefits, for example. Or before we make the cuts proposed in this budget.

It’s clear that Republican legislators and others who backed full elimination of Healthy Families and other programs, have different priorities for California, and a different sense of what a safety-net should provide. That will be an ongoing debate after this budget is full implemented

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