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There was a lot of concern about a letter by “Blue Dog” Democrats sent last this week that expressed concerns about health reform, from the costs to the impact on business to the creation of a public health insurance option.

A testament to the urgency for health reform and the good organzing here in our state, only one of seven Blue Dogs from California signed the letter: Representative Jim Costa of the Central Valley. In a previous statement expressing concern with the public health insurance option by the Blue Dogs, several of the California delegation actively worked to distance themselves, and they came out in support of the plan.

Where are our Blue Dogs now? Here’s two video clips:

Here’s California Representative Loretta Sanchez, in her own words, talking on MSNBC:

Here’s California Representative Adam Schiff, in his own words, in the last third of this clip from the Ed Show on MSNBC:

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More about our other Representatives, and commentary about our advocacy, soon…

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