Drip, drip, drip…

We are trying to get more information about the specifics of the budget deal for health care, beyond the shockingly large cut to the Healthy Families program, that would deny coverage to *well* over 500,000 children in the next year.

The Sacramento Bee Capitol Alert has this on the privitization of county worker who assist families with Medi-Cal enrollment:

State leaders agreed to develop a controversial plan that would centralize the enrollment of welfare and social service programs, possibly with a $2 billion annual contract with a private firm to run the system. Schwarzenegger has proposed the idea as a way to increase efficiency, but Democrats have warned that other states who privatized their enrollment systems have suffered higher costs and enrollment problems. Legislative aides said Monday that they agreed to explore a system that allows stakeholders to vet the proposal and requires legislative approval.

We understand there’s a similar agreement about a proposal and process around mandatory Medi-Cal managed care for the “aged, blind, and disabled”–a longstanding and controversial issue. We’ll get more information when we can.

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