Calling the bluff on the public option.

In attacking the federal health proposals, Republicans have offered amendments to build a case against it. Some of the amendments would suspend the reform if waiting times go up, or if the proposal falls out of balance for even a year. The Democrats reject these amendments, easily arguing that it makes no sense, if some provisions need to be fixed or adjustments need to be made, to penalize people by taking away their health coverage.

Another amendment was to force members of Congress to get their coverage from the public health insurance option.

Wendell Potter, the former insurance executive that has been speaking out about health reform, is urging Democrats to pledge to join the public health insurance option, to be clear of their confidence in the choice.

The Senate HELP Committee took the bait, and accepted the proposal. As we reported on our Twitter feed (@healthaccess), the House Education and Labor Committee took a similar amendment in the House this morning.

Well, then.

The House Education and Labor Committee, chaired by California Rep. George Miller, is set to finish its business this morning, and pass the bill out.

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