The public is for the public health insurance option…

Californians really want health reform. The Field Poll that came out today reaffirms that.

Californians know that we need major health reform, and we need it urgently. The problems in the health system are significantly bigger in California, and it’s not a surprise that our condition has translated into such overwhelming support for broad health reforms.

What is noteworthy is that what may be controversial in Washington, DC, is not in California, given the level of our crisis, and our elected leaders in Congress should take note. Californians support a range of provisions that are now being debated in DC. They include:

* 85% of Californians support “the choice of a public health insurance option, that can compete with the private insurers and make sure they play by the rules.”
* 81% of Californians support “requiring health insurance companies to offer coverage to anyone without regard to their health condition.”
* 70% of Californians support “expanding state government programs for low-income people, such as Medi-Cal and the State Child Health Insuance Program.”
* 69% of Californians support “requiring employers to offer health insurance to their workers or pay money into a government fund that will pay to cover” their workers. also support requiring employers to help provide health coverage to their workers. These are critical components that should be in any health reform package.”

On the public health insurance option, there’s been concerted effort to ensure that is included in health reform by coalitions like Health Care for America Now.

Another effort has been the Stand with Dr. Dean campaign. They have urged blog readers and others to write their Senators to get specific answers to specific questions about their support for a public health insurance option.

Let’s keep up the pressure!

Health Access California promotes quality, affordable health care for all Californians.

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