The next 36 hours…

The Senate is currently debating the majority-vote budget package of cuts and just about $2 billion in revenues increases to deal with the $24 billion state budget deficit. The Governor has said that he will veto any proposal that does not address the entire $24 billion or that raises taxes.

Thus, the Governor is attempting to force dramatic cuts. Senate President Steinberg has pointed to the deadline at the end of June, the end of the day tomorrow, in order for some of these budget solutions to take hold. So we will see what agreement, if any, comes about in the next 36 hours.

There’s good coverage of the debate on Twitter by @CA_Immigrant, @capitolweekly, @arbayne, @cory_golden, @terricowger, @ccleague, @KQED_CapNotes, and @politico19.

We will post updates also at @healthaccess as well.

And as we focus on the crisis of the moment of the next 36 hours, Time Magazine takes a broad view about the origins of the California budget crisis that goes back 36 years.

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